Carburetor icing indicator ROTAX 912

The carburetor temperature indicator indicates the temperature of the carburettors in the place of its lowest value. This is information for the pilot about the possible occurrence of icing. The temperature is indicated by the pointer, and its lowering to 5 * C (and lower) is indicated by a bright blue LED. The indicator has a circuit diagnosis system. Damage to the sensors or their circuits is signaled by the blinking of the red LED.

Installation and use instructions for the icing indicator of carburettors.

The indicated holes should be deepened to a depth of 10 mm with a 3.2 mm diameter drill bit. Then thread the holes with the M 4 tap. Using a thermo-conducting paste, screw the sensors to the carburettors (paste and bolts M4 x 10 mm in the set). Install the carburettors to the engine. Connect the sensors to the indicator according to the wiring diagram.

Temperature indication + 12 * C. Connection and condition of sensors correct. The indicator always indicates the temperature of the sensor, which is lower. The indication of the temperature of the carburetors in the range of + 5 * C in the direction of the negative temperatures is signaled by a glowing blue diode. This is a warning about the possible icing of carburettors. In the picture, the indication 0* C.


The blinking of the red LED indicates damage to the sensors or connecting cables.

  • single flash – sensor 1’s fault. The indicator shows the temperature of sensor no. 2.
  • double flash – damage to sensor no. 2. The indicator shows the temperature of sensor no. 1.
  • triple flash – damage to both sensors. the indicator indicates -20 * C.

Sensors (two in the set)