Historical planes

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Construction flying replicas of historic aircraft.

If your dream is to become a pilot of the Great War or any other period of history – contact us. We provide comprehensive services related to the construction of airframes.

  • project preparation
  • bring required materials to build the airframe
  • building process covered by the permanent technical supervision, together with the required documentation, prepares the plane for the test flight and registration

Our projects:

Nieuport 11 

French fighter aircraft from the period of World War I, in the colors of Count Armand de Turenne. Year of the project: 2014

The owner and pilot, and also its main builder is Krzysztof Cwynar, owner Aeroserwis.pl. The aircraft can be seen at many airports events and historical reconstructions in both Polish and Europe.

Fokker DVII (under development)


Albatros DIII (under development)