Stara Wieś Airfield EPBW

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Stara Wieś Airfield EPBW is situated in the south-eastern part of Polish, in the municipality of Brzozow. This is a great place for the purpose of performing tourist flights in the Bieszczady Mountains and surrounding areas.

It has its own hangar technical facilities capable of accommodating up to X planes, located under constant monitoring.


Social part of the hangar is in the process of finishing work. Eventually accommodate three rooms with bathrooms for guests, and a lounge with fireplace and kitchen, creating a place to spend the weekend. The proximity of nature and forest makes Stara Wieś Airfield is the perfect place ideal for relaxation and active leisure.

Information on the airport:

Altitude (ft): 1000
Lat/Lon: N49 43 35.0 E22 01 43.0
RWY: 050/230(550×30)
Traffic: VFR
Radio: P/P 118,865 MHz


Hangar space after an earlier telephone contact: +48 606 646 945